About The Author

Currently located in Santiago, Chile, for over 25 I’ve worked as an engineer, which I have loved and enjoyed thoroughly. And as far back as I can remember, I have been passionate about writing. I have given it a try and written many tales, some fully finished and others halfway through, that have suffered a certain step-back on route to being published. They were all excuses for me to not do it, always comprehensible and well-made arguments.

Today, with Anomaly 1707, I have finally decided to publish that to a huge push that life gave me; I witnessed an event that motivated me to reach for the best within myself and tell a story in my very own style with the purpose of sharing it with the world.

I am an avid science fiction enthusiast as well as fantasy, metaphysics, and technoscience.
This way, I am able to take a real event and what’s been seen within these themes, because I wish to communicate the experience of what could be.

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My first steps in writing contests

Only in 2022, I had my first attendance in literary contests. I was part of the XXI version of the tales contest “Santiago in 100 words.”
I did not win, but I was quite entertained sharing the experience with my family under the first narrative pieces under this modality. In the end, I was selected to be published in the book “100 best tales of the XXI version of Santiago in 100 words”… over 100,000 tales were submitted. And for me, it was a good start to my journey.

Here I’ll leave you the selected tale.
Some terms to understand it better:

  • Plaza Italia is a place where people gather in masses to protest, located in Santiago, Chile.
  • Guanaco is an armored vehicle used by the police to disperse groups and “spits” water and other substances just like the camelid habituating the South American plateau.

Love in Times Of RIOT

I met her in the middle of a protest in Plaza Italia. Amongst the crowd, our eyes met, it was enough. Time stopped, silence became innate, and the participants vanished. We kissed for an eternity. Nothing else mattered.

Outside, the mob chanted joyfully and orchestrated screams against the System. Suddenly, our bubble was shaken by a multitude running terrified from the “Guanaco” and tear gas. A human mass dragged us. We held each other’s hands to surpass the brutal assault.

She let go! I lost her! I looked for hours. Night arrived. Not even her name I could find. I lost her!