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Novelas, cuentos y podcasts de ciencia ficción

SEASON 1: Science Fiction Non-Fiction Stories (Audio only in Spanish)

Episode 12: The Oppenheimer Effect: Initial Adjusment - Part 2

Season finale with the last episode of the saga “The Oppenheimer Effect.” Today, in “Initial Adjustment,” we will know how the formation of the representatives advances to initiate the hoped evolutionary change of the Earth. The way will not be exempted from difficulties for the Universal Order of Galaxies.
In addition, we will close the pleasant conversation with the prominent Colombian science fiction writer and editor Rodrigo Bastidas, who will continue to provide valuable information on how this genre is evolving in different parts of the planet.

Episode 11: The Oppenheimer Effect: Initial Adjusment

The saga of “The Oppenheimer Effect “continues. In “Initial Adjustment,” we will see how the Universal Order of Galaxies team prepares the human race for evolutionary change.
In addition, we will be accompanied by the outstanding science fiction writer and editor Rodrigo Bastidas, with whom we will talk about his unique perspective on how this genre contributes to the development of our planet.

Episode 10: The Oppenheimer Effect: The Emissaries

The saga of “The Oppenheimer Effect” continues. “The Emissaries” episode will tell us about the universal evolution of habitable planets, a mission led by the Universal Order of Galaxies. Now it is Earth’s turn. The Order was already planning how to achieve its mission on the small and conflictive blue planet.
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Episode 9: The Oppenheimer Effect: The World of Giria-201

The world of Giria-201 evolved thanks to language. The saga of “The Oppenheimer Effect” gives us more details about its history and how the Girianos today help the universe advance as a unique collective consciousness.
In this episode, Esteban Veguer accompanies us and tells us how he became a writer and what occurred in his life to make it happen.
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Episode 8: The Oppenheimer Effect: Mission Giria-201 (Conclusion)

The saga of “The Oppenheimer Effect” continues. The “Kalypto” group returns to the charge in NASA’s “Multiverse Anomaly Research Center” for conquesting and dominating other worlds and universes. To stop them, Dr. Brown’s team and Giria-201’s team have hatched a cunning plan to counter sinister Dan. The kidnapping of the sisters of Dr. Elizabeth García has further complicated the situation.

Episode 7: The Oppenheimer Effect: Mission Giria-201 (Part 1)

Today we will share a delightful conversation with the remarkable German science fiction writer Brandon Q. Morris.
The saga of “The Oppenheimer Effect” continues. Today’s episode will deal with the following worlds to be discovered by Dr. Sally Brown and her team at NASA’s “Multiverse Anomaly Research Center” laboratory. Follow in the sinister footsteps of the mysterious Dan, in charge of the dirty work and smoothing the way for the megalomaniacal group “Kalypto.”

Episode 6: The Oppenheimer Effect (Final)

After the attempt on the life of Dr. Strauss and the moves of the sinister Kalypto group, find out what will happen at NASA with Dr. Sally Brown, the traitor Angus Miller and Earth Strauss in the multiverse.

Episode 5: The Oppenheimer Effect (Part 1)

The Chilean Sci-Fi writer, Nicolás Orellana accompanied us this time.
The story of episode 5 deals with the research that Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer was doing, in his last days, about the multiverse and how nuclear energy would be a key factor in opening wormholes with other worlds. Follow the exciting story of the team he inherited and continued the Oppenheimer investigation and the dramatic events that followed. 

Episode 4: Lights

At night, Pedro Martínez a problem comes affecting dangerously those around him, and himself. He discovers what ails and torments him.

Episode 3: Wrong Way

An event before legal personal repair by time traveling in 2037 was vital to building a strict surveillance protocol and preventing paradoxes.

In this episode, the prominent science fiction writer Armando Rosselot is joined by us.

Episode 2: Nightly footsteps

The unusual story of Nelson in his apartment and the “puppy footsteps” of the neighbor upstairs at night.

Episode 1: Anomaly 1707

An intriguing sighting produced a significant change and originated an outstanding entrepreneurship journey.

Hi everyone, we are happy to share a new experience through a podcast season of intriguing, mysterious, and curious science fiction and fantasy stories with a particular touch of realism.

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