The world will not be the same


Four friends set up their business to share with the world the benefits of a transcendental AI that will improve the digital order on Earth… at least that is their expectation.

Novelas, cuentos y podcasts de ciencia ficción


Anomaly 1707

Science fiction novel inspired by real events.

On a Sunday afternoon, amidst a photographic activity at home, John Wilcox detects the presence of an unknown object moving quickly over the mountain in front of his window. After a thorough analysis of the captured images, he concluded that what he had encountered, wasn’t terrestrial technology. His structured and analytical personality added to a painful recent divorce and the sudden moving of his two children creates a conflict and obsession in John to uncover the mystery in the mountain, whatever the cost.

Brandon Q. Morris in Chile

Novelas, cuentos y podcasts de ciencia ficción

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Unexpected Stories

Unpublished stories of realistic science fiction and fantasy.

While is published

Second Chances

Time travel stories

They say time could heal soul wounds by erasing them. How about a second chance, just one, to change or fix something from the past that affected our souls in the present?

Novelas, cuentos y podcasts de ciencia ficción