Time travel stories

If you could travel in time, what would you change in your life?

In 2037, people could return in time to repair their being. It was a universal human right. For this purpose, four centers were authorized to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The selected applicants would carry out a mission to the past, with a maximum duration of 6 hours, to execute a series of actions planned and trained exhaustively.

A specialist group in the analysis, design, and execution of action plans supported the mission organization. The plans were formulated with high precision to ensure a successful implementation and avoid the generation of paradoxes in the present, all within the framework that allowed the 3 Laws of the Traveler in Time.

The book Second Chances is about four stories that reflect the intense desire of its protagonists to bring about a transcendental change in their lives. Four stories tell the effort and dedication of each of them to cross the threshold of time and eradicate the suffering they carried through time.

  • Evelyn Alvarez (42, biochemist) suffered a trauma in her youth when, with his parents, she crossed the desert as an illegal immigrant into the USA. She never was able to establish relationships, within her mission, she would go back in time to phase a dangerous cartel of «coyotes».
  • Ben Ross (27, social media manager) was the victim of harassment in school, developing a body dysmorphia disorder. A violent event changed his life trajectory and made him embarrassed of his appearance, making it impossible for him to connect with other people properly. He’d go back in time to avoid the events that perturbed his existence from occurring once more.
  • Alba Reyes (35, executive) suffered the consequences of alcoholism induced by her parents at 13 years old. Quit her relationship to keep her loved ones away from harm. She’d travel through time to avoid her progenitors from repeating the mistake that hurt her so severely.
  • Anthony Arias (31, pro tennis player) had a painful and intense loss that held back his astounding sports career. This thriller, filled with emotion and suspense, tells how Tony gave it all to restore his life and soul.