Brandon Q. Morris


Brandon Q. Morris is an excellent German science fiction writer. Also, he is a physicist and a space enthusiast. Brandon is the creator of several best-selling science fiction novels, including the Enceladus series.
His website is in Spanish, English, and German.

Brandon Q. Morris gave an entertaining interview on our Nonfiction Fiction podcast. You can listen to it here.

Brandon Q. Morris gave us an entertaining interview on our Non-Fiction Fiction podcast and in Spanish! You can listen to it here (audio only in Spanish).

Reading recommendation

Whn communication is impossible

The star system is perfect. The arrivals have undertaken a long and dangerous journey—an expedition of no return—seeking helium-3, essential for the survival of their species. The discovery of this extraordinary solar system with its four gas giants offers a unique opportunity to harvest the rare isotope.

Then comes a disturbing discovery: They are not alone! Another fleet is here, and just as dependent on helium-3. And the two species are so fundamentally different that communication and compromise appear hopeless. All that remains is a fight to the death—and for the future…