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The obsession of John Wilcox to uncover the truth after watching a flying octahedron. A group of explorers willing to solve the mysteries on “The Silent” mountain top and achieve unimaginable technology. A group of aboriginal inhabitants at the summit vanished.

The structured and analytic engineer John Wilcox has just been through a painful divorce. Both of his children are moving from California to New York. John finds refuge within his work and home. On weekends, he kills time by photographing the landscape outside his window. On a Sunday afternoon, amidst photographing, he detects the presence of an unknown object moving at a fast pace over the mountain in front of his window. After analyzing the captured images, he concluded the flying object was not terrestrial technology.

The singular sighting triggers John with an unstoppable obsession to know more. He faced a dilemma with his energy company with partners, deciding not to inform them about the real motive of the field trip he organized to investigate the phenomenon.

John and his team of experts start an exploration of the mountain complex and risk. The astonishing findings were enough that motivate them to keep the investigations going.

In Wilcox’s head grows the firm idea of finding the truth no matter the cost, putting many through danger in the new expedition, where all of them joined trusted to help uncover the mysteries.

Anomaly 1707 is a science fiction thriller that will indulge the reader in a chasm of action, suspense, enigmas, and mysteries at the heights.


The Story Behind the Anomaly 1707

On a December Sunday afternoon in 2021, I was amidst my hobby at home, pointing my camera (with a super-zoom bridge) at different mountain zones opened in front of my eyes. In the attached photo, you can appreciate the panoramic view and ambiance within those moments.

Absorbed by the good takes, from the corner of my eye, I was able to visualize something approaching at an incredible speed from the south (right from the mountain). It quickly adjusted the zoom ring to the maximum capacity, and I realized it wasn’t an airplane or a bird. I followed its trajectory, managed to focus on it, and did another shoot. I required a few endless seconds to recover the control, and I managed to focus the image again, and I shot again. I achieved four pics.

The summit is 11 kilometers in a straight line from my window. Because of the distance, a clearer picture wasn’t possible to obtain, as you can see in the right-side zoomed images.

Novelas, cuentos y podcasts de ciencia ficción

Image of the mountain, seconds before the first sight.

Novelas, cuentos y podcasts de ciencia ficción

Photo sequence: from right to left.

Finally, that day I got genuine evidence of what I saw. So, I analyzed the information and detected that the object in the last picture was going at a fantastic 960 km/h speed.
I had the original information in the metatags generated by the camera for each photo. I had the exact time between the pictures. The book provides more details about the formula, and now I can tell you it was accurate and thorough, with verifiable information about the traveled route. (It was the variable I needed to calculate the velocity in each span).

As a following act, I asked myself what to do with these findings, so I went to the website of a government entity dedicated to these events. They took months to answer me, even more than usual. In one of the dialogues with the analyst that processed my case, he concluded that it was a drifting balloon atop the mountain. I argued it wasn’t possible as the object’s speed was beyond 900 km/h because “the strongest registered wind in the planet had only been 372 km/h.”

I couldn’t convince them. “Winds of 960 km/h… It cannot be!” I told myself. At that precise moment, I decided to create a story surrounding this event to share with you. And wow, it was a fun journey. I took the liberty of placing the events in California as it seemed more attractive for a story. So, I included agencies such as the FBI, CIA, and NSA. More interesting characters!

Today an editorial was interested in publishing my novel: finally, I can share my adventure with all of you who enjoy action, suspense, and science fiction tales with adventures, mysteries, hypotheses, and scientific explanations, ah… and it is not missing love nor fun and exciting situations. I confess I cried and laughed out loud for a lot of paragraphs. I hope you can enjoy it once it’s published. I’ll keep you posted.

Now I will start with another journey, with another veridic event I witnessed. You can check the blog on this website to check updates I’ll leave for you and open space for your comments, help, and suggestions.

I leave you all with a warm hug. If you read until here, I am forever grateful.