The Emissaries

By: Cristian Ocaña
Date: 05/February/2023
Translation support: Tomás Ocaña

The Universal Order of Galaxies was evaluating the results of the «Evolution» missions. It decided to send a couple of representatives to give planet Earth the necessary knowledge for an unparalleled development of prosperity and justice for all human beings and biological entities.

This process had been applied to more than 10 billion galaxies in the last 5 thousand years. The Milky Way was another addition to the long list that they had to execute. In each case they achieved impressive results, accelerating evolutionary processes by up to 1,000 years. The joyful numbers confirmed their desire to continue covering the universe as much as possible. So far, they had 13%. More than 35 billion galaxies were uninhabited since they were the setting for the creation of experiments and primal tests.

“What happened at Roswell, Kasputin Yar, and Tungusnka we did not foresee.” Mor Aldor said, the commander-in-chief of the Terrum-666 quadrant to which Earth belonged.

“Commander,” said Serta Mei, president of the Order and director of the «Evolution» council, “and what could you propose to us so we don’t continue wasting more lives, time, and resources? After these missions, many others have been sent, at least 500, all of them unsuccessful. At most they have been able to analyze the local fauna, and some human beings and verify that the planet is heading towards a total collapse in almost most planes.”

The Universal Order of Galaxies was evaluating the results of the «Evolution» missions. He decided to send a couple of representatives to give planet Earth the necessary knowledge for an unparalleled development of prosperity and justice for all human beings and biological entities.

This process had been applied to more than 10 billion galaxies in the last 5 thousand years. The Milky Way was one more to the long list that they had to execute. In each case, they achieved impressive results, accelerating evolutionary processes by up to 1,000 years. The happy numbers confirmed their desire to continue covering the universe as much as possible. So far, they had 13%. More than 35 billion galaxies were uninhabited since they were the setting for the creation of experiments and primal tests.

“Madame President.” Replied Mor Aldor. “They are destroying themselves and the most tragic thing is that they are aware of it. It is the only planet in the entire universe where nuclear war power is more heavily concentrated than in the other 75 billion worlds. The neglect of the life of this breed is incomprehensible.”

“Yes. The situation on Earth requires direct intervention by us.” Said the president. “If we could gather the presidents of the most influential nations, we could show them the full potential of the «Evolution» universal mission.”

“Gathering them is easy.” Said Toh Miras, the chief adviser on the «Evolution» missions and one of the most influential with the Order. “The challenge is to align and convince them.”

“We have never performed such an action before.” Said Mor Aldor. “It would be the first time. It would imply a high risk for the team of emissaries.”

Serta Mei raised her hand to stop the conversation and leave it for a moment in thought. She closed her eyes to telepathically connect with her mentor and ask for advice. She kept his index finger on his left temple for two minutes as part of the procedure. She opened his eyes and continued. She took a deep breath.

“Excuse me. I was asking Ten Akos about the different scenarios we have. He agrees with Toh Miras and advises us to send emissaries to appear before a global meeting.”

Mor Aldor, who was checking his transparent Tablet, interrupted.

“The meeting could be the Assembly of the United Nations which is celebrated once a year. The closest will be in 3 more kotiks (an Earth month). On Earth date, it would correspond to Friday, September 22, 2023.”

“Excellent.” Said the president. “We’ve done these kinds of appearances millions of times already, so this time it shouldn’t be a problem to coordinate it properly.”

“Madam President,” said Toh Miras, “I offer myself to be one of the emissaries.”

“Thank you for your offer, adviser Miras.” Replied the president. “I think your person is appropriate. Like the other emissary, I wanted to propose myself. I know it’s unusual, but I think this occasion deserves it, what do you think?”

There was a slight, short murmur. Mor Aldor spoke.

“It is quite unusual and risky, Madam President. However, her high status would put her above the rest of those present. I give you my vote of confidence.”

“Anyone else who’d like to give their opinion?” Serta Mei asked.

Total silence.

“Okay.” Continued the president. “Is anyone against the proposed emissaries?”

No hand, tentacle, claw, or light emission manifested itself.

“Then, all in favor.” Sentenced the president. “Perfect. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Now I need to go to my office with Toh Miras and Mor Aldor, will you come with me, please?”

Ten Akos, an old wise man who guided all the presidents, was telepathically added to the group. They were planning the action plan and how they would carry it out.

The task would not be easy due to the personality of the leaders; who always question everything and demand guarantees and evidence to ensure absolute success in the results. Earth was the only world in the universe where countries were willing to betray each other for hegemony.

The vibration of Ten Akos’s slow voice in their mind felt like a light breeze.

“My dears, I consider the strategy correct. I would only add being able to accompany them to facilitate the initial induction stage. In this way, I would show you what we do and the results in a much more efficient and quick way. Would you agree?”

“Master,” said the president, “it seems excellent to me.”

“Some will get dizzy and remain affected for a few minutes.” Whispered Ten Akos. “We have seen on other planets that consciousness succumbs for several tiks.”

“We could previously put something in your liquids and food. This way we would avoid an episode where they get scared and run away.” Mor Aldor suggested.

“Very good.” Said the president. “Great idea commander, can you take over that mission?”

Mor Aldor nodded.

They kept going for a moment, fine-tuning what was necessary. They had practically everything defined and each participant would organize their respective activities for the intervention on Earth.

“Friends, let’s meet with everything ready in 2 more kotiks at this same time.” The president requested.

“Okay.” Said Mor Aldor. “The trip to Earth will take us 10 tiks (one Earth hour). I will go ahead with my advancement team to prepare the matter of liquids and food, in addition to leaving our security and protection systems in place. We must always be ready for any situation. We will leave a direct portal to one of our ships in case of an emergency.”

“Good, Commander Aldor.” Said the president. “I fully trust your skills and stealth for this task.”

“We’ve done it a thousand times already, President.” Said Aldor. “On this occasion, we are taking special care due to the complexity of our hosts.”


Commander Aldor’s team managed to blend in with the team in charge of the UN. They hacked into the main server in charge of credentials, personal histories, and permissions, and everyone was duly credited and staffed. The day before the meeting of the leaders, everything was ready to ensure the arrival of the emissaries.

From the hotel where they were staying, Aldor sent a message to his ship to be relayed to the president.

«All set and without problems.

We will wait for you at the agreed time.»

The short message in the Order’s own language was broadcast on a signal in the 80 gigahertz band, an extremely high frequency used on Earth for radio astronomy. Aldor’s ship, hidden behind the Moon, picked up the signal and immediately retransmitted it through a «communications wormhole. » It would almost instantly reach its destination at the other end of the universe.

President Serta Mei’s team had a clear path to make their coordinated entry with Commander Aldor into the General Assembly Hall. It would be at the precise moment when the Secretary-General, António Guterres, gave the game to the Summit on the Future, where the main leaders of the world would be present.

Attendees would see Serta Mei materialize to the right of António Guterres. The theme of the future could not be more providential. «As if they had agreed with us», she said.

It was only minutes away from the start time. Members of the Aldor commander’s team were in the position to activate the force field and secure the room once Serta Mei arrived. At the end of his act, he would leave just as he arrived. The rest of his team would remain incognito to continue the subsequent work.

The inaugural event would be broadcasted online via the Internet, which would ensure a large audience. Ten Akos’s ‘mental voice’ would radiate to everyone connected, in addition to the attendees in the room.

The time has come. Everything was already ready. António Guterres appeared, waving and walking calmly to the podium with a folder in his left hand. He received a standing ovation and returned it with a smile as he placed the speech folder on the platform in front of him.

He adjusted his glasses and was inspired to start reading. At that precise moment, an unusual and intense golden yellow light flooded the sector to the left of Guterres, who stopped in surprise. The attendees paid attention to the image that was being formed in the middle of the light.

Serta Mei had arrived. She was wearing a beautiful purple robe. A diadem with a delicate oblong-shaped sapphire in the center held back her long white hair. Its humanoid form with a tiny nose and eyes similar to humans, ears fused to the skull with only the auditory grooves visible, provoked cries of surprise.

The visitor greeted Guterres with a small bow, who had backed away in fear. Serta Mei was placed on the podium.

“I request your permission, Mr. Secretary General, to be able to address you.”

Mute Guterres only managed to nod as he went back a couple more steps.

“Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. My apologies for this interruption. I am Serta Mei, the president of the Universal Order of Galaxies and I have come to deliver a message to you.”

Mei began to expose her approach without interruptions and the audience was stunned. The security forces had been locked out of the invisible protective dome set up by Commander Aldor and his team.

“Please remain calm. I’ll be quick. In the next few seconds, you will receive telepathic communication from our senior advisor so that you understand why I am here… Ten Akos, please, you can begin.”

Ten Akos’ mental scene would last about two minutes. They were all in a deep trance with their heads slightly bowed looking up at the sky with their eyes narrowed and blinking rapidly. Many began to cry, moved by the message of Ten Akos.

Once Ten Akos was finished, Serta Mei continued.

“Now that we all share the same information, it is necessary to agree on a global advance: and this is the best instance to carry it out. Ten Akos showed them the imminent end of the Earth in 30 more years. With our help, we can reverse it and evolve together.”

The President of the United States was the first to react.

“Madam President, what assures us that you are not coming to colonize and enslave us?”

“Yes, that’s right.” Said the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, more upset, with his hand pointing at her accusingly. “Won’t they come for our water, nuclear power, minerals, or food?”

Then one by one they began to yell and rebuke with one accusation after another. The room had become a real hotbed of fear and mistrust.

“Friends. Friends.” Said Serta Mei calmly. “Do not get scared. We have developed this process for thousands of years and in millions of galaxies. They already know that. Our proposal is simple: we will send emissaries to Earth and you will nominate and prepare yours to be able to show and teach them. In the next 5 years, you will have evolved by a thousand. They will no longer suffer from hunger because there will be no shortage. There will be no poverty for they will have abundance. Pollution will not exist because we will share the formula of infinite energy. They will be able to build a fair world with opportunities that they always promise their constituents!”

There was total silence in the room. The leaders of emerging and developing countries found the proposal extremely attractive. They were the first to stand up and applaud wildly for Serta Mei. However, powerful countries felt at a disadvantage.

“I also want to tell you,” added Serta Mei, “that Ten Akos’s message was simultaneously received by 1.383 million people who were connected to this conference through their Internet network.”

What was added by the visitor fell like a bucket of cold water on the powerful. There was no going back. It was already world news. Social networks had exploded. More than 5,000 million people were already aware of what had happened and significant pressure was originating from thousands and thousands who arrived at the front of the United Nations building. You could feel the songs, applause, and chorus of phrases of joy. Thousands of people came out to demonstrate in different parts of the planet.

Faced with the facts and the global reaction manifested, the hierarchies began to look at each other as if seeking an answer. It was enough for the resigned president of the United States to shrug his shoulders and nod for the remaining 7 members of the G-8 to follow him. In unison, the G-8 members joined the other leaders who continued to cheer and endless applause.

The cameras, which never stopped transmitting, captured the precise moment when all the leaders supported Serta Mei’s proposal.

“We happily praise your wise decision.” Interrupted Serta Mei. “We will now leave you with Ten Akos the following steps and dates to start up our emissaries, headed by our exalted adviser Toh Miras and thus start the evolutionary process of the Earth.”

Ten Akos’s message this time would only be heard by the attendees in the great hall. Thus, presidents, advisers, and collaborators could organize themselves in the next few days and start an event without compare in the history of humanity.


Meanwhile, 13 people traveled to an emergency meeting in their private jets. The exact location would only be revealed once everyone was airborne, through the secure communications channel. Two hours later, in an underground room in a hidden facility, far from the radar zone in the Baltic Sea, 18 floors below the surface, the last of «the Anointed,» as they called themselves, joined.

The room with a view of the aquatic world itself had a circular table 8 meters in diameter in its center for council meetings. With some fine cookies and glasses of water, the frugal preparation was intended not to distract from the central point of the furtive meeting.

Total silence until the moment the last member joined.

“Sorry for the delay.” Said a woman with a thick British accent. “We had a little setback in the game. Nothing we should fear. The MI5 team has been following my movements and asking questions. My untimely departure set off some alarm bells. My infiltrators have already controlled it.”

“Thank you, Mrs. UK.” Said an older man identified as Mr. JP. Thank you all for coming out of schedule. “I imagine that you are aware of the events in the United Nations.”

“Yes, that went pretty bad for our supremacy.” Mrs. UK said as the rest nodded.

“Well, that’s the reason for this meeting.” Resumed Mr. JP. “We must immediately agree on a plan to counter such a threat. Otherwise, we will lose our advantage forever.”

“Exactly.” Said Mr. RU1. “Between the 13 of us, we own and control more than 70% of the planet’s wealth. We can do something against this exalted careerism.” He said presumptuously.

“Ideas?” Continued Mr. JP.

Hundreds of proposals began to parade in the Machiavellian minds of everyone, and they launched one after the other on the table.

“We should take out this Serta Mei.” Mrs. CH shouted.

“Let’s nuke them when the meetings start.” Mr. FR1 suggested. “Thus we delete all local and spatial participants at once.”

“Let’s create global chaos by tripling the price of oil.” Mrs. US1 contributed.

“Let’s overthrow all the G-8 governments, seize power, and misrepresent the mission of Mrs. Mei and her little team of angels.” Mr. MX said.

“Let us take «The Anointed» and their families for trial in our Order.” A female voice said, deep and soft in tone.

A yellowish flash appeared at the precise moment that Serta Mei uttered her own proposal. She appeared surrounded by her hosts and protected by commander Aldor. Overconfidence due to its hidden installation played a trick on «The Anointed.» Without security guards, the sinister characters were easily subdued and controlled.

They were left speechless by the impression and the unexpectedness of the surprise attack. Mrs. UK looked at Serta Mei and her partners. She smiled smugly to herself as the guards released her.

“I did my part. We have an agreement Madam President Mei and I hope you will respect it.”

All 24 eyes fixed hatefully on Mrs. UK.

“That’s why you were late, you damn traitor.” Mr. JP said.

Mrs. UK put her hands up and smiled ruefully.

“Someone had to survive, and I wasn’t about to put up a fight or lose my wealth. I contacted Mrs. Mei and here we are.”

The entire group yelled at him and uttered a thousand curses. Serta Mei made an addition to her commander and the 12 Anointed were dematerialized and taken to the ship for trial. The two women were left alone and sat down at the table.

“It’s done, Madam President.” Mrs. UK said.

“Ki Len, my dear friend, I thank you so much for your intelligent work. You have perfectly appropriated the role of the true Mrs. UK during these last years. Nobody suspected.”

“My race shape-shifts, it handles the copy of other carbon organisms perfectly. At first, I had a hard time getting used to it due to the impureness of its air and water. However, the imitation of the respiratory and vascular system of the original UK lady came out better than expected. It was my brain that took the longest to adapt to one of its lesser capacities. I had to work hard with so much selfishness, hatred, and resentment accumulated in this lady. In the end, the important thing is that we did it.”

“Yes my friend. Your race has provided us with millions of quests, and this ploy has never failed us. Congratulations Ki Len.”

“You’re welcome, Madam President. I am at the service of the evolution of the Universes.”

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